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Indiana Beef Alliance, LLC
Greene, Monroe & Owen Counties, Indiana

Larry Jerrells, President
Scott McDonald, Vice President
Alberta McConnell, Secretary
Todd Litten, Treasurer


V I S I O N   S T A T E M E N T :

The Indiana Beef Alliance LLC is a group of like-minded beef cattle producers who work together to reduce costs of production and to assist members so that individual members can maximize their own profits by producing high quality beef animals for the beef industry and consumers.

P R O D U C E R   H E L P I N G   P R O D U C E R

O B J E C T I V E S :
  • Reduce farm and beef production costs for individual members by facilitating the pooling of purchases of supplies, equipment, services, seed, breeding stock and other products so that individual members can take advantage of discounted prices.
  • Lower production costs by entering into purchase arrangements with Vendors to provide products to members at discounted prices.
  • Provide members with continuing education, vaccination/health guidelines, performance standards, standardized record keeping and suggested best practices in beef and forage production.
  • Foster cooperative member arrangements to share labor, expertise, equipment and facilities.
  • Foster member development of management specialties such as weaning-finishing, heifer development, bull selection and artificial insemination services.
  • Serve as a facilitator so that members can market or retain ownership of calves with common weaning protocols that are age and source verified.
  • Provide opportunities for members to individually market freezer beef, show cattle and breeding animals (cross-bred and purebred).
  • Sponsor at least annually a cattle sale.
  • Foster communication among members and with interested members of the public through a website that promotes the Alliance and benefits members and their customers.
  • Promote the family farm and beef production.
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